MAGEN – Shooting Stun Guns

Redefining life security

Like an electric shocker.
Unlike any electric shocker.

MAGEN - Electroshock weapon

Innovative semi-automatic contact and remote electric shocker

MAGEN is multi-shot electroshock device, designed to incapacitate an aggressive attacker without causing irreversible damage to health and life.

Our mission is always been to create devices so intelligent it can provide tactical and technological advantages, so you can achieve your mission of protecting and securing life.
With MAGEN that vision is reality

Say hello to the future

5 SHOTS without reloading

Provides tactical advantage in crowd

MAGEN is the only one electric shock devices in the world with a five-shot ability without reloading.

Automatic cartridge ejection system

Provides tactical advantage in speed of action

MAGEN is a pistol-shaped electroshock weapon with CDC (charge delivery cartridge). One clip has 10 CDCs for 5 charges.

Automatic detachable cables

Provides tactical advantage in controlling more then one object

Cartridge placed in a holder with an electrode — a copper wire with a plummet and an aim-attachment hook at its end. After the trigger is depressed, used CDCs are thrown out of the weapon.

Additional benefits

Remote and Contact operations mode

The weapon has a button enabling the independent contact method that allows to apply a high-voltage on the action electrodes without a shot even with the loaded clip.

Lock and Timer

The shocker has a mechanical lock of the trigger, when pushed it is used to capture the offender. The electronics of the weapon have built-in timer that delivers electric impulses with a special algorithm and limits total time of electrical charge of one shot.

Laser Designator

The device has built-in laser designator (LTD) which indicates the point of hitting and can be regulated in two dimensions. Aiming can also be done with the front and rear sights which are located on the body of the weapon.

Easy to use

The weapon’s controls are designed so that the device can be handled by both left and right hand. It is easily manipulated by one hand allowing the other to hold a service firearm to take a full control over the situation.

Optional features

Takeover target

Special programming of “takeover target” (with locks the shutter button).

Event log

The ability to record all the technical parameters of works and each operation of the device.

Technical details

Performance characteristics

Electric power3 W (civilian version), 10 W (special services version)
Pulse repetition frequency90-120 Hz
Effective impulse length75-90 μs
Voltage (no-load)50 kV
Voltage on load 1 000 Om800-1700 V (corresponding resistance of the human body)
Distance target engagement3, 4.5 and 6 meters (depending on the type of cartridge)
Batteries12 V, rechargeable LiPol, 550 mAh
Cycles of operation at one chargemin 150
Temperature range-20...+50˚С
Dimensions (L*H*W)223*150*39 mm (width of the grip-handle: 28 mm)
Device weight (fully equipped)600 g
Average neutralization time1-5 sec.

Additional features

Case for carryingThe weapon is equipped with a special holster to be worn with a place to secure the strap.
Enhanced protection“SoftDart” technology to reduce damage from mechanical shock in contact probe.
Battery charge indicatorFlashing pointer which indicates that the need to recharge the device.
Fabrication materialMade of highly durable, lightweight, reliable and comfortable plastic.

Operating principle

When the trigger is pushed, a high voltage discharge initiates two CDCs, which fire the electrodes from the weapon to the target. After an electric arc is created, the target receives a high-voltage discharge of a specific shape causing paralysis or pain effect based on PDG’s (personal defensive gadget) electric exposure technology. Duration of the exposure is defined by the time the trigger is being pushed.

When reaching the target, the wire remains tight which prevents it from overlapping and target release. The electrodes are made of soft materials and have extended diameter to prevent kinetic injuries while hitting the target.

After the trigger is depressed, used CDCs are thrown out of the weapon. One clip has 10 CDCs for 5 charges.

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